*1 Strip of photos for your guest to enjoy and 1 strip mounted
in a scrap book for the client!

*1 Disc with all pictures for the client mailed out
within 30 days after the event.

*All pictures are printed on a 4x6 paper with 1,2, or 3 pictures
per strip (2 strips per sheet unless the client chooses 1 picture), whichever format the
client chooses.

* If the client chooses not to have a photo scrapbook, they can choose from a full page
layout for the guest to keep. Layouts can be customized to include company logos,
wedding couple's name and wedding date, etc.

*The photo booth is an open booth, which means you can fit
more people in a picture compared to other Photo Booths
enclosed with walls. This also means our photo booth is completely handicap accessible!

* You can also have a custom background (via green screen) for your event. There is an
extra charge for this option.

*NEW* Clients now have the option to chose between a traditional black background or
a silver sequined background at no additional charge. There is an additional $100
charge for the green screen background.

*Please note: Most DJ companies charge additional fees for the use of props, photo
CD's, and scrapbooks. Music On The Go provides these services at NO EXTRA
CHARGE to the client!
Music On The Go
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Proudly serving all of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

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Examples of black background pictures:
Examples of green screen pictures:
With our green screen, the possibilities are endless! Backgrounds
and props are customizible to fit any theme you want!
What does our photo booth look like?
We offer professional photography grade lighting, black or green screen backgrounds,and plenty of
props to keep the laughs coming! We are constantly adding new and fun props to our prop box. What's even better than that?
Well, with our photo booth kiosk, guests can print multiple copies of their pictures and instantly upload them to Facebook and
Twitter or email them to anyone they choose (*this option is only available at venues with wifi access). Again, this is at NO
EXTRA CHARGE to the client!
Examples of layouts:
The props are endless!